WilloBurke Nordic Spa

Opening Tuesday December 26th 2017, WilloBurke Nordic Spa invites you to harmonize between nature, body, and spirit while soaking under the sky. An oasis for those seeking relaxation and peace of mind. 

Build up a sweat in our Scandinavian handcrafted barrel saunas, known to stimulate cardiac function and promote blood circulation.

Then plunge yourself into a cold tub, our beautiful mountain river, or roll around in the snow. This closes pores, reduces inflammation, and boosts the immune system by stimulating circulation. 

The final step is to immerse yourself into our Scandinavian handcrafted wood-fired hot tubs. Your mind and body will feel clear and rejuvenated, then repeat!

In Scandinavian countries, saunas and hot tubs are a way of life, common in most private homes, providing a social and medicinal experience. We welcome the opportunity to introduce Vermont’s version of a Nordic Spa.

Please see our reservation system for Lodge & Spa Packages. 

To make a reservation for WilloBurke Nordic Spa call us at 802-427-3333.